So your engine won't start? We can organize a tow for you, and get your engine purring again.

Not all marine engines are shown the respect that they deserve. Usually tucked away in a small living area, hidden from view, boat engines are expected to operate at the turn of a key and without hesitation.

These neglected little workhorses eventually wind up at our yard and into the hands of our loving marine mechanics who caress them back to life. 

So if you find your self in a situation where your boat's engine will not start, will not operate properly, is smoking too much, has a leak, is not performing ideally, or just sounds a little off, bring your boat (or have it towed) over to us. We'll diagnose the issue with the boat's engine and have our marine engine mechanics repair it for you.

Services we offer

  • Inboard engines
  • Out drive services
  • Sail drives
  • Engine diagnostics
  • Engine tune-ups
  • Engine repairs 
  • Engine service & maintenance
  • Engine replacement
  • Transmissions
  • Gas
  • Diesel
  • Bow Thrusters


We are a certified Yanmar dealer