Decks & Transoms

Over time your deck will wear down and need attention

We restore decks, transoms, & other areas to new.

Gel coat/fiberglass

Gel coated decks can be buffed and waxed to protect them from the rigors of boating and nature’s harsh elements.

If your gel coated deck has worn away to where buffing and waxing is no longer helpful, we can restore it using other techniques, like painting the deck with linear polyurethane and then applying non skid to the painted surface or covering the deck with a product like Tread Master. Occasionally your deck may need complete replacement. Our technicians have experience in removing fiberglass decks, recoring them and fiber glassing over the core to ensure structural stability. 

Teak Decks

The beauty of a traditional teak deck really enhances the look and feel of your fine boat. However, your teak deck may need maintenance and eventually total replacement. Your teak deck can be refastened, re-seamed and refinished if you have enough thickness left in the original planking. If your planking is too thin to support refastening and proper caulking, total replacement may be the only option.