Bringing your boat's fiberglass back to a pristine finish.

How we repair your fiberglass

To repair your damage, our fiberglass technicians grind away all delaminated or damaged fiberglass to sound material and then lay up precut concentric sections of fiberglass mat, roving, cofab (X mat) or cloth saturated with either polyester, vinylester or epoxy resins. 

If the area is cracked, crushed or delaminated, these areas have to be removed and replaced with new material and then layered with fiberglass and resin. Once the repaired area has cured, it is sanded, faired in, primed and painted or gel coated. 

Fiberglass services

  • Repair & restoration
  • Gel coat repairs
  • Structural reconstruction
  • Hull preparation
  • Painting (spray, roll, or brush)
A case study

We recently repaired the deck of an Annapolis 44. The deck was constructed using a foam core sandwich and the foam had delaminated from the fiberglass sheathing. To repair it the entire deck had to be skinned, the delaminated foam removed and replaced with new foam and fiberglassed over. The deck was then filled and faired and primed, painted and finally, non-skid is applied..