Rigging & Masts

Rigging can be complicated, and we make dealing with it easy for you.

Standing rigging should be replaced every nine to ten years, and requires expertise and experience to do it right.


We have a mobile crane which we use to unstep masts and can accommodate lengths to 70 feet (and sometimes longer). If determined that mast rigging replacement is necessary we remove the mast from the boat and set it up on our mast slab where the old rigging is removed for replacement. 

Once your mast is on the ground, we perform a thorough check for cracks, paint failure and 12v electrical issues. If your mast needs painting, we remove the mast fittings and strip, prep and prime, and then apply new linear polyurethane paint giving an old mast a new shiny coating. We then rewire the mast’s 12v system, upgrade light fixtures to LED, install wind instrumentation systems and service your mast's hardware such as winches, blocks and spinnaker pole tracks and cars. 

Mast & Rigging Services

  • Repairs
  • Hardware install
  • Mast tuning
  • Rig servicing
  • Custom design
  • Standing & running rig servicing
  • Electrical
  • Navigation lights

Roller furling

We refurbish and or install new roller furling systems from manufacturers such as Harken, Schaefer and Profurl.


We offer a comprehensive evaluation and tuning of your rigging to get you optimum performance in the winds of SF Bay.