Haul & Service

Our haul out services are designed for vessels up to 40 tons and up to
a 15 ft. beam.

Once you’re hauled, we check the condition of your through-hulls, bottom paint, hull fittings, rudder(s), propeller(s), shaft(s) and cutlass bearing(s) for signs of wear and galvanic corrosion. If any of these items need repair or replacement, one of our project managers is quite happy to walk you through the process and likely cost of repair.

When it's time to come out of the
water, our crew is on standby to handle your project.

 What may seem like a huge problem to you is probably something we’ve faced regularly before, so rest assured we will take care of your boat.

If you’re hauling for regular maintenance or a bottom job, we will get your boat out and back to the water as soon as possible.