Maintenance & Service

Maintenance services for your vessel.

We offer services in buffing, waxing and polishing that will make your topsides gleam and your stainless steel shine like new. Allow your service manager to assess the condition of the gel coat and advise you on what buffing procedure to follow.

Due to the degradation of gel coat from age and ultra violet rays, some vessels may need a two step buff and wax, where our technicians use a variety of compounds to shine the hull prior to waxing , when applied, seals the finish. This requires encompassing the boat twice, once to buff and polish and once to wax the hull.

Newer vessels usually get by with a one step wax where the hull is cleaned and then waxed. Ask your service manager for an estimate. Each boat that is completed and launched by our staff is washed off at our docks prior to the owner receiving delivery.