Finishing & Repair

This is where we work to make your boat brand new again.

Regardless of material, manufacturer or designer, our repair and finishing team is happy to take on your project.



For repair and restoration of your vessel caused by running aground, a collision, water leaks or other untoward events, you’ll receive the attention and expertise you deserve.

Whether you have a rigging issue, need help with balsacore or high density foam construction, or you need metal or wood work, your boat will be repaired with the required process. This may involve grinding, relaminating, cutting and removing, and then rebuilding or replacing the affected area with the appropriate materials and procedures.

If you need custom parts fabricated, we have fully equipped machine and wood shops. We also have relationships with part suppliers (some hard to find) all over the country, so we can help you locate the necessary replacements to deal with your particular situation. 


Bringing your bright work, gel coat, paint, or other finishes to a brand new state is our specialty. We offer buffing and waxing, polishing, wet or dry sanding, detailing and prepping and painting. Whatever your finish, and whatever the material, the finish on your boat will be bright and new.